EMSOL is the first data focused 'Emissions as a Service' offering. EMSOL enables businesses to drive interventions to reduce road transport pollution.


Our offer

We create a web dashboard linked to a bespoke network of sensors, completely tailored to your premises or site. You will get a full and up-to-the-minute local emissions picture. We highlight key times and places to maximise the impact of air pollution interventions.


Your business benefits

Get ready now for the next generation of emission monitoring and reporting legislation, save money and avoid the risk of rushed compliance.

Improve the local environment for those visiting your business, positively differentiating your company.

Create a fantastic staff engagement vehicle.

Demonstrate sustainability leadership to your peers and clients through adopting cutting edge technology - you are setting the golden standard to monitor emissions!

Access to reliable data means your corporate environmental goals and milestones can be achieved through a prioritised action plan.


We are looking for pilot partners! Contact us and you will hear from us shortly.

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